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Inline Race Piston

Inline Race Piston


Single, Vertical Race Piston 

base options: (choose on form)

  • black granite
  • dark stained wood
  • composite quartz

plate color options: (choose on form)

  • red
  • blue
  • yellow
  • green 
  • lime
  • orange

Customized etching with your driver, team and race info

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This Piston Trophy is crafted with an actual race used piston and connecting rod (no auto store parts) connected to a "crank and journal" into dark stained wood platform with a steel base. Your driver, team and race information are custom etched into the wood platform. 

*these items are individually hand made and selected from race used parts therefore have defects and flaws, we do our best to choose components with flaws and defects that add to the character of each item.